Born in 1989, in the city of Bender, Moldova. I graduated from the Bender Art College 2008. After, I moved to the capital of Moldova and graduated from the Academy of Art for easel painting in 2012. I enrolled in the magistracy and graduated in 2015 with honours.

Academic activity gives me the push to think about contemporary art and about What and How I would like to convey to a modern audience. I begin to try myself in different directions and in different techniques. I came to the conclusion that I like realism and symbolism.

2016 was my first time visiting Europe and Rome. This journey made a great impression. Antique, Renaissance and Baroque, sculptures and paintings of old masters inspire.

I work in realism, symbolism. I'm fascinated by working with nudity. I continued to study the anatomy in motion, the dynamics and plasticity of the body. The nude figure in my paintings is an intimate conversation with the viewer, as if a tête-à-tête, without masks, without clothes. This is an attempt to convey an exposed inner state of a person, or an emotion. If I want to talk about a social topic, I dress my model.

The themes for my paintings are most often human emotions and actions that I personify. Or I personify inanimate objects. For example, it may be a thirst for life or the earth’s crust in the form of girls. I symbolise objects by my associations. For example, pearls as a symbol of time. Dragonfly as an idea. I take topics that concern me and I offer the audience to look at this topic, from a different perspective. Every painting of mine is an ellipsis. I suggest that the spectators put their own final period in the theme evoked by the painting.



"The two truth", Cartego gallery, Kishinev, Moldova (2021)


"A chance for Hapiness, London Mental Health Week" London, UK (Ocober 2023)

"Selfie in Art", Cartego gallery, Kishinev, Moldova(May 2023)

16th ARC Salon Finalist, NY, USA (2022)

"United Artists for Ukraine Charity Art Exibition", Vienna, Austria (2022)

"Of Land, Sea and Sky", Haven gallery, Northport, NY, USA (2021)

"Art exhibition of young talents", Brancus gallery, Kishinev, Moldova (2017)

"Inside", MoldExpo, Kishinev, Moldova

"About Us", Iasi, Romania (2015)